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Due to early brainwave changes, science has proven the learning stage between ages 0-7 is one of the most important of our lives. Max Rhymes takes advantage of this learning period by teaching core values, creating a positive belief system, increasing reading retention and creating higher self-esteem, all through the power of rhymes.



Max Gives Thanks To God

Note: This is the secular version of Giving Thanks.

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Dreaming with Max & Molly

Coming March 1, 2018!

Max Rhymes Amazon Reviews



Max Rhymes For Parents

Max Rhymes For Grandparents

What Makes Our Books Different?

The Science Behind Our Rhymes

Because we have learned that ninety five percent of what is programmed in your child’s subconscious mind happens by age seven, from what they hear, see, touch and feel, our books are specifically written and illustrated to help this download process by providing nurturing, loving, moralities and manners within the rhymes. Read more about the science behind our rhymes by watching the video above or by clicking here.

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